We Create Value Uniquely Integrating:

Careful site,
fit-for-purpose, selection

Renewable power generation

Use green power for hydrogen production

Produce Hydrogen for fuels & energy storage

What We do

We use innovation in how we marry land site to hydrogen production & intelligently maximize output.

Solar Farms

Solar Farms

  • Uniquely located
  • Carbon free electricity
  • Provides renewable, carbon free power for Hydrogen Production

Hydrogen Production Facilities

Hydrogen Production Facilities

  • Creates Green Hydrogen
  • Provides for storage of carbon free energy
  • Provides clean fuel for zero emission vehicles

Hydrogen Storage

Hydrogen Storage

  • Long duration, variable dispatch
  • Reliable Energy Assurance
  • Enables cross commodity fueling for mobility and power

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

Hydrogen Fuel Cells

  • Convert stored carbon-free energy to electricity
  • Fully dispatchable
  • Zero Emission back up power and peak shaving
  • Small foot print and visual profile

Solar is Good
Solar + Storage is Better
Solar + H2 Production + H2 Storage is BEST

GPaaS (Green Power as a Service)

Winner of the 2021 Orcelle Award sponsored by Wallenius Wilhelmsen and the Ocean Exchange

Element Resources introduces award winning GPaaS (Green Power as a Service) as an emissions free and economical solution to shore power and other on demand needs.


Ships while docked or at “berth” generate their power needs via auxiliary generators that are typically diesel powered.  The diesel generators create  and disperse GHG’s, NoX, SoX, carbon, and other harmful particulates into the atmosphere.  A single ship is problematic.  All ships berthing in ports up and down the coast of California created tens of thousands of tons of carbon and harmful GHGs.  Globally the problem is exponentially worse.  The solution of mandating electrification (referred to as “Cold Ironing”) or simply plugging into local utility electric sources causes a secondary problem – there is simply not enough utility power to meet the need and in isolated cases where they may be the infrastructure is often lacking to transport the load.

Solution: GPaaS

1. Emissions free –  hydrogen fuel cells create the electricity …  all decarbonization mandates can be met and exceeded.

2. Economical – by racking and stacking mass produced hydrogen fuels cells and storage tanks GPaaS can affordably package solutions in a standard 20 foot or 40 foot container.  With this building block approach the solution is also scalable – from 100’s of kW to 2MW in a single container

3. Easily deployed – the 20 foot or 40 foot containers are easily trucked “to” the site and easily placed on dock or on vessel or on barge “at” the site.  Simply plug in GPaaS and have instantaneous electric power.

GPaaS – Patent Pending

Easy to use (To the site)

At the site


Multiple Uses:

  • Onshore power – electrification known as Cold Ironing
  • On demand power
  • Back up / resource assurance
  • Emergency power

Why Element

We Partner by:

We Partner by:

  • Working together
  • Listening – to all stakeholders
  • Seeking Community Involvement
  • Understanding social drivers and economics
  • Providing a Carbon Zero Strategy

We Innovate by:

We Innovate by:

  • Providing in depth solutions
  • Renewable Carbon Free Energy & Storage
  • Seeking out opportunities
  • Zero carbon:
    – Mobility
    – Peaking
    – Grid inputs
    – Micro Grids
    – Storage

What We Produce

Slide Green H2 Fuel
for trucks
Green H2 Fuel
for cars
Green H2 Fuel for
marine applications
Providing Energy in
non-Peak hours
Energy Assurance
Renewable Carbon
Zero Electricity

Who We Are

Our Mission:

Always be a good citizen, neighbor and partner in all aspects of our business.

Maximize shareholder value by integrating the power and mobility markets by
optimizing location, intelligent renewable power generation, hydrogen energy
production, and providing cross-commodity flexibility.

Benefit the communities where we do business by creating new opportunities that provide sustainable environmental and economic benefits.

Promote and enhance the welfare of our employees, our community our partners and the environment is core to our values.

Zero Carbon

  • Its our mission
  • Its everything we do
  • Its everything we create
  • Its everything we sell


  • In how we integrate site planning with power production and Hydrogen demand
  • Use of highly flexible, long-duration Hydrogen storage
  • Patent pending IP

Our Team

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